Course description:
    The Senior Command and Staff Officers’ Course is a career educational course for officers of the Slovak Armed Forces. It is organised by the Lifelong Education Centre at the Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik (AFA) in Liptovský Mikuláš. Successful graduates will obtain special qualifications necessary for performing duties with the planned ranks of lieutenant colonel and colonel.
    Type of study: full-time studies

    Length of study: 6 months

    Requirements regarding course participants:
  • officer in the rank of major,
  • officer who have completed their postgraduate study,
  • graduates of the Basic Command and Staff Course or other similar course organised in an appointed civilian school or in an educational and training facility in Slovakia or abroad,
  • language proficiency at Level 2 (Level 3) according to STANAG 6001,
  • participants must have valid security clearance for the following classification levels: SECRET, NATO CONFIDENTIAL and EU CONFIDENTIAL.
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