Research and Development
   Long term department scientific activities are in first group oriented onto sensors, in second group onto microwave technology and in third group onto radio electronics and communication technology. Department render technical assistance and consultancy for MOD SR, in the field of development and rating of electronic systems.
Project title: VEGA 1/0853/13,
Investigation of microstructural, electrical and optical properties of semiconductor-dielectric systems
Project beginning (MM/YY): 01/13
Project completion (MM/YY): 12/15
Project title: Sensors, sensor systems for military and security applications
Project beginning (MM/YY): 06/12
Project completion (MM/YY):12/14
Project title: Safe control of non cooperative vehicles through electromagnetic means (SAVELEC)
Project beginning (MM/YY): 01/12
Project completion (MM/YY): 06/16
Project title: Intelligent Control of Adversary Radio-communications (ICAR)
Project beginning (MM/YY): 02/10
Project completion (MM/YY): 09/12
Project title: New wireless technologies in tactical communication and information systems
Project beginning (MM/YY): 01/07
Project completion (MM/YY): 12/10
Project title: Sensors against terrorism
Project beginning (MM/YY): 03/07
Project completion (MM/YY):12/08
Project title: High Power Microwave countermeasures
Project beginning (MM/YY): 01/05
Project completion (MM/YY):12/07
Project title: Rádiometrický senzor
Project beginning (MM/YY): 01/04
Project completion (MM/YY):12/06
Project title: Mikrovlna
Project beginning (MM/YY): 01/96
Project completion (MM/YY):12/00



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